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Blammed is a thing?

2014-07-26 15:13:20 by KingAlbador

So I always stored music on newgrounds because it seems like i never have enough hard-drive space and i'm not exactly rich. Then i later noticed that quite a bit of my music was missing then my friend told me about the blam process. I think I might have copies of it somewhere but if you downloaded one of my songs and notice it's not longer on the list, I would be greatly appreciative if you could message me for my email and send it to.

For the future I will be putting all my songs on soundcloud under and probably be buying a hard drive specifically for that purpose soon. ugh. money comes and goes so fast.


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2014-07-26 15:51:34

You can store your work in the NG Dump (Dumping Grounds), half a gigabyte of space there!