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Youtube Thinks I'm stealing

2015-01-25 13:51:14 by KingAlbador

Hi YouTube! It's really me. I see that you thought I might be stealing a song even though I own it haha.

so if this isn't good enought proof that I am the owner of both accounts I don't know how else to prove it to you. :/

~Justin McKee

I've been working...

2014-12-14 22:20:55 by KingAlbador

Haven't been on here in forever and most of my songs have blammed so I've been pretty much done releasing songs on here. I have made two new songs and I'm working on another one. The second song I made is absolutely gorgeous if I say so myself. I've been using MuseScore so there are no more alignment issues and everything is controlled. I have revised it quite a couple times and I'm still adding more to it. I should be done with it pretty soon. I may or may not release it on here, I'm considering taking this song and publishing it. I'll post a piece of it here and see what you guys think.

Blammed is a thing?

2014-07-26 15:13:20 by KingAlbador

So I always stored music on newgrounds because it seems like i never have enough hard-drive space and i'm not exactly rich. Then i later noticed that quite a bit of my music was missing then my friend told me about the blam process. I think I might have copies of it somewhere but if you downloaded one of my songs and notice it's not longer on the list, I would be greatly appreciative if you could message me for my email and send it to.

For the future I will be putting all my songs on soundcloud under and probably be buying a hard drive specifically for that purpose soon. ugh. money comes and goes so fast.

A LONG time ago I said I was going to do a lot of stuff. Well, I gave up on it. If I fell compelled to work on it, I will, till then, I will sit in my chair and say "man I'm bored. I could work on my music.... nah." then proceed to watch tv. The average unmotivated project.


2012-03-21 00:01:45 by KingAlbador

You know, I wouldn't mind uploading my music so much if it didn't limit the amount I can upload in 24 hours.

No change

2012-03-10 11:17:20 by KingAlbador

I got lazy. Real lazy. There will be no new music for a while and the music will be here instead of elsewhere.


2011-10-08 14:49:47 by KingAlbador

All new songs made by me will now be registered under Gravity Cat productions. search the title if you are interested. Doing remixes of all my songs. peace.


2011-08-17 10:51:50 by KingAlbador

I have completely trashed my last album and i am trying my best to make a song like my first, Black Winter, because most of my other songs are just crap. I have also made no progress once so ever, I have been busy with my book. starting next Saturday I will begin making songs. Next Thursday
I will post my first song to my album, Rebirth. These will be layer songs... you know, like bass, then guitar, etc... normal songs, just not normal to what i have been doing.


more songs, no post time

2011-06-26 19:07:17 by KingAlbador

i sorda made this like my music blog, anyways. i have many more songs i could post but i don't feel like any of my past songs or current ones im working on have that true potential of being any good. i don't feel like there good at all and im trying to find new (cheap) methods of making them exactly what i want them to be. non of them stand up close to what i envision. new songs will be on the way non the less.

no more sad face

2011-05-26 02:25:33 by KingAlbador

!!!eay .ecaf das erom on si ereht
?sdrawkcab dear ouy nac
...neam I
!ti staht, heay

no more sad face